Hi there! I'm Laura Diaz

About Me:

I am a passionate Frontend Developer with 3+ years of experience building scalable, high-performance web applications. I've enhanced data collection efficiency, designed user-friendly interfaces, and developed automation services that streamline operations. My expertise includes developing React applications, Node.js APIs and creating data visualization tools. Dedicated to continuous learning, I hold an AWS Cloud Practitioner certificate. On my blog , I share insights from my journey exploring cloud infrastructure and DevOps-related topics.


AWS Cloud-Practitioner Badge

AWS Cloud Practitioner

Issued May 2024 - Expires May 2027

Credential ID dce7dab5a07e4546ab3bae730ac532a8

Contact me at lauradiaz1586@gmail.com 💻🚀

Download my CV here.


Fermin Guerrero Portfolio.js

This freelance endeavor involved a collaboration between myself and a skilled graphic designer to craft his impressive portfolio. I played a proactive role in contributing ideas for various enhancements and features throughout the project.

React | Node (express) | Mongo

Job Tracker.js

A comprehensive application developed using React for the frontend, backed by Node.js (express) for the backend, and powered by MongoDB as the database. Feel free to use the demo login for a preview or proceed with registration to access the full experience.

Node (express) | Mongo

Task Manager.js

An efficient task manager application constructed utilizing Node.js (express) for the backend and MongoDB for seamless database integration.

Node (express)

JWT Basics.js

This project serves as a demonstration of JWT token-based authentication. The application is meticulously crafted using Node.js (express) to illustrate the intricacies of this authentication method.


Saturnina Pizza.js

Drawing inspiration from the Pinza website, this pizza-themed platform is meticulously developed using React.js and enriched with dynamic animations powered by Framer Motion. The interface enables users to seamlessly add delectable pizzas to their cart or exercise their creativity by crafting custom culinary delights.

React | Typescript

Task Manager.js

Crafted using the power of React.js, this task manager offers a sleek and intuitive interface to efficiently manage your tasks and stay organized.

Javascript vanilla

Word Association Game.js

Engage in a captivating word association experience brought to life using pure Vanilla JavaScript.